Liberia is a country of about 5M people with an economy that is dominated by extractive industries like mining (iron ore, gold, diamond), cultivation and exports (rubber, and palm oil). Its workforce distribution is 70% agriculture, 22% services, and only 8% industry. Lack of industry, in spite of the abundance of raw materials, is attributable to low levels of electric power availability, and the poor skill and education quality among the working age demographics.

We provide the physical space within Xity Industrial Zone - a 50-acre dedicated area for light manufacturing.

Renewable Energy: We will increase the industry share of Liberia's workforce distribution by investing in Renewable Energy sources beginning with investing in solar micro-grids to power light industrial activities. Reach out to invest in a 1MWp proposed off-grid solar farm in Xity.

Temperature Controlled Warehouse: We also offer investment opportunities in the industries that will be powered by the proposed solar farm. One example is a proposal to build a temperature-controlled storage facility for import/export businesses passing goods through the international airport (2 km away). This will mitigate the challenge faced by exporters of perishable goods who must prepare their goods in no more than a day or two before the next flight out to prevent spoilage before arrival at destinations.

Consumable Ice Block Factory: Presently, Liberia lacks a commercial ice block factory that produces ice that is safe for human consumption. The demand for this is currently filled for non-consumable ice produced in fish cold storages and drink peddlers and shop owners use these ice to freeze drinks but cannot control the transmission of waterborne diseases that spread to drink consumers. This investment vehicle presents the opportunity to provide consumable ice at a price that beats existing prices of substitute products currently on the market.

Building Materials & Hardware Plaza: Liberia is undergoing a construction boom. The need for quality and reliable materials and construction tools are at an all time high. Join us in filling that gap by building a block dedicated to vending the best and finest building materials, along with reliable tools for the professionals who need them direly.

Mining & Refinery: We have an ideal location on Xity water front for sand mining. In order to establish a safe and enjoyable Watersport business on the river, we need to dredge the sand. This naturally presents us with the opportunity for investment in the sand mining business on a good stretch of the river with commercially viable sand quantity. And fortunately we will look no further for customers as the various construction works that are taking place in Xity will serve as customers in addition to customers that exist in the huge developing areas in the vicinity of Xity.

Have an idea of what to invest in in the Industry sector? Reach out!

Our investors include individuals (preference for Xity residents), banks, and other financial institutions.

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