Xity aspires to be the premiere destination for quality healthcare services. So we’re on a mission to establish topnotch healthcare institutions such as clinics and hospitals in Xity’s initial 20-acre dedicated healthcare zone.

Research shows that our built environment has real impact on human health, and we’re designing the healthcare zone to not only be a remarkable place for its service quality, but also for the wholesome feeling that in confers on visitors.

Quality service begins with people. So, we have started building the network of experienced healthcare professionals and biomedical scientists that are practicing at word-class facilities in the USA and elsewhere, who are excited to establish their practices in Xity.

Key identified areas of immediate investment opportunities are Dialysis Treatment Center, and a Radiology Center.

Xity is seeking interested parties for investment partnerships on these two opportunities, or in other healthcare related opportunities. We’re open to diving deep into new suggestions to find opportunities.

Our investors include individuals (preference for Xity residents), banks, and other financial institutions.

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