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We began work in May, 2023

In Lower Margibi County, Liberia. Off the RIA highway and in the vicinity of the airport

No. We intend to maintain a particular standard of quality throughout the community so we will build the homes for all clients.

Yes, you may come with your custom designs that meet our standards. However, we offer free and compelling designs that you can select from, and even tweak.

You can not resell an empty lot. But you can sell a home with the lot it sits on.

Each home can sit on one lot (quarter acre) of land. No more than one home per lot!

Yes, you will sign community housing guidelines.

Xity’s security system will be a combination of manned guarding and remote video surveillance for 24/7 patrol and monitoring to prevent crime.

Xity will supply power and water from its solar farm and water plant.

Xity will use internal or third party waste management service provider.

Residents will pay fair monthly fees for utilities and services that will keep the community clean and safe like the world-class residential space it will be for all who live there.

We cannot predict what those costs will be, but they will be competitively lower than what you get with other providers. For example, because we plan to source power from a solar farm that will be built by Xity, electricity cost is expected to be lower than what is achievable with other non renewable sources.

Xity is wholly Liberian owned, and is founded by Sannah Ziama

Read more about our vision here: https://www.sites.google.com/view/xity

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