School Bus


Education is broken in Liberia. To fix it we must begin on a clean slate, and reassess everything from known examples that are working in other contexts to what has worked in the past.

Xity offers that blank canvass beginning with the opportunity to design and build schools from preschool to college and beyond!

We believe in teaching by examples. This is why our Industrial Zone, and Technology Park will offer students the opportunity for apprenticeship learning as fulfillment of core education requirements.

As a micro tech city, we will build colleges that are renowned for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM), where the transformation of Liberia’s economy from natural resource based to knowledge based is sparked and nurtured.

Let’s begin with building a small college for Computer Science and Machine Learning education to prepare ourselves for respectable participation in the AI powered economy.

Our investors include individuals (preference for Xity residents), banks, and other financial institutions.

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